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Jay a posted Jan 10, 16

I remember the good days, so long ago now...

Bro that was in melee.

Jay a posted Sep 9, 13
Grats to everybody that stuck with it to the end! With the patch so close and the raid schedule so slim in the weeks leading up to it, our chances at a kill were shrinking every weekend. Nevertheless, we kept pulling, low on time, low on patience, low on 300 food, and with a trade pug in the raid. It was just awesome seeing all that work pay off finally.

This was a milestone for this guild, and could not have been a better end note for our soon-to-be retired. It was great raiding with everyone this tier, building from our resurgence into the elite group we rocked ToT with. Sobriety, you were just the GM it needed, and your push to grow the guild better and more progression minded payed off. Big thanks to you and everyone else as well for putting up with me this whole time, and special thanks to Mickies for being so flexible and going out of your comfort zone to fill the roles we needed for almost this whole expansion.

Good luck to everyone in their future endeavors!

(new vid with more epic)

Animus was one tough bugger but we pulled through in traditional F E T I S H style. We will clear this tier before we know it.

Qon and Council sink, 6/12H

Jay a posted Jun 5, 13

Turtle all day idiot

Jay a posted May 19, 13
4/13 h, stay classy guys.
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